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News and Events

New Year op 1We are filled with gratitude to God Almighty as we usher in the new year at the Academy. It is very refreshing to watch the excited and happy faces of learners as they report back to school from the long November December Holidays.

KCPE2019 1We celebrate the great results of our KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) class of 2019.

1On the Feast of St. Simon and Jude which was also the eve of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Exams, Fr. Francis Kabiru celebrated Holy Mass for our KCPE class of 2019 encouraging them to face the exams with confidence and trust in God! All the best to our candidates!

Oloika 2Class 8s enjoy their last day out together as pupils of Moto Hope Academy joined by Moto Hope's teaching and non teaching staff at Oloika Country lodge , Nakuru on 25th October 2019. Please join us in praying for and wishing them the best in the National Exams that they will be sitting this week!

T3Closing 43We thank God for a great third term and a successful school year 2019.

PrayerDay 49Fr. Michael Muriuki (St. Mary's Parish Molo) and Fr. Francis Kabiru (Our Founder and Patron) on the 17/10/2019 led the pupils and staff of Moto Hope Center and Academy in a Holy Mass to pray for the candidates who will be sitting for their National Exams.

Academy Deworming 22Our children at the Academy under 5 years of age in PP1 and PP2 were among the schools visited in Kandenye village Molo, under the Molo Maternal & Child Health Program.

Once Upon Oct 2019 1Our Mentorship Program among other aspects is also keen on nurturing good communicators.

short story hrs oct2019 7At the weekend's Short Story Hours Mentorship Session, our class 8s got to discuss stories they'd written themselves.

Read with us Oct 2019 2Class Seven Pupils enjoy Library story books at the weekend's "Read with Us" Mentorship Session.

MassOctober 21Fr. Francis Kabiru on Tuesday evening (1/10/2019) celebrated Holy Mass for Moto Hope family at the center's IHM Cross-Lake Multi Purpose Hall.

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