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News and Events

Closing Day 3As we break for the March to May 2021 School Holidays, we are truly grateful to God for we have been safe, healthy and successfully accomplished all that we set out to do!

Prayer Day 38We had such a wonderful and beautiful Thanks giving and Prayer Day (12/3/2021) at the Academy, led by Fr. Francis Mureithi of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.We are truly moved by how special the day's celebration was.

SSH Mentorship 13Every child is unique and gifted differently! Mentorship enables our students to identify, exploit and appreciate their individual gifts.

Sunday Mass 24The children and staff were very excited to have had Sunday (28/2/2021) Holy Mass Celebrated at the center.

Grade 4Congratulations to our Grade 4 learners on emerging best in the Academy in the recently released Compass Assessment Test opener exams!

OUTMentorship 8Congratulations to our Sunday's (21/2/2021) "Once upon a time..." story telling Mentorship Session, book prize winners:

FebMentorship 2The children had a wonderful Health Education and Mentorship Day (6/2/2021) at the center whose theme was Mental Health & covid-19 aftermath.

Mass Fr Francis 10The children and staff are very excited to have more frequent Holy Mass celebrated by our Founder and Patron; Fr. Francis Kabiru while he is here (Kenya) with us.

Kandenye Deworming 5Our Pre-School children (PP1 and PP2) were on 3/2/2021 de-wormed and given Vitamin C tablets in the Molo Maternal and Child Health Program's Medical Outreach.

January2021Mass 1We the family of St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy were blessed with a beautiful and solemn Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Michael Muriuki at the Center's IHM-Multi-purpose hall on 27/1/2021!

OPParade We are truly grateful to God for our learners, staff, parents/guardians, friends and partners as we begin this new school term.

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