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St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy is equipped with state of the art facilities that facilitate its proper running to enable the attainment of its mission and vision. Key among them include: Modern classes and dormitory, an Ultra-modern Library, Computer lab, Clinic, Catering, Transport and Farm among others.

St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy Library
Our ultra-modern library is within the school compound hence easily accessible by the pupils. The library is spacious enough to accommodate more than a hundred pupils at a go. We have library and maktaba lessons scheduled in the regular school timetable. The pupils are also free to access the library any other times for research and leisure reading. The library is also open to staff members who access and borrow books and other resources by use of a registered card.

  • Books and Resources - Based on the main classes of knowledge we have classified all the books using the decimal method. Besides the relevant course books, we have stocked all genres of books ranging from computer and technology, religion, science, leisure reading, sports, business among others.
  • Community Extension - We have extended and opened our resources and services to registered library users in Molo and its environs who comply with the laid down school library rules. This extension program is mainly intended to benefit the students from neighboring schools who have no library.
  • Koha Library System - Ours is an ultramodern library with all its resources and books catalogued in the automated Koha system. This makes it easier to search for and locate books on the shelves. Additionally, it makes it possible to link our library with other library congress and share resources.

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Computer Classes
With the massive transformation and trends in the education sector, it is imperative that we give our students the upper hand and higher competing ground. To ensure that our students fit into our dynamic world perfectly, we have introduced computer classes. They are taught basic computer skills, typing and how to use the library system. All our efforts are aimed at making our pupils knowledgeable and unique. The upper grades section of our library is supplied with laptops which are connected to the internet to facilitate research and exhaustive reading.

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We provide door to door (where access to the residence is possible, and designated stop areas where otherwise) transport services to our day scholars for students residing Molo and its environs. Our qualified and experienced driver ensures the children’s safety.


Moto Hope Health Clinic
Moto Hope Health Clinic is well equipped and NHIF compliant with qualified and registered health practitioners. It is located within the center to adequately serve the larger family of Moto Hope Center and Academy. Any child who falls sick at school or goes to school sick is adequately attended to. The nurse also helps to administer and supervise medication to students who require regular medication at school hours and safely stores their medication at the clinic’s storage facilities. The medicine is safely stored in a locked cabinet, available for use to students under the supervision of the school nurse.

Students are required to report to the teacher in class if they feel unwell during a lesson, or the matron if in the hostels and teacher on duty if outside class. They are then issued with a pass to permit them to seek medical attendance at the clinic. The clinic offers all clinical and laboratory services for emergency and preventive care. Plans are underway to start a weekly eye clinic and a yearly medical camp led by doctors and medical personnel from USA who will partner with our local health professionals.

medical center

St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy has a modern kitchen that is fully operational within the school. The students have their meals in the meticulously clean multi-purpose hall. We offer nutritious, whole and well-balanced meals that meet the needs of all the students in the school. We uphold the strictest standards of hygiene while handling food.


The Moto Hope Mission Farm
The farm boasts a herd of dairy cattle, pigs, poultry, cereal and vegetable gardens. Our children enjoy fresh farm produce from it. Aside from adding healthier foods to our menu, our little green space has proved to be an invaluable teaching asset for Science and Environmental studies. Children are introduced to basic farming skills to be able to cope with the highly agricultural Kenyan society.

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