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1. Mentorship Program

We continue working towards a mentorship program that seeks to meet the changing needs of our children.
a. Mentorship days, with visiting mentors/speakers/motivational speakers.
b. Talks and One-on-one sessions with our resident Mentors.
c. Reading sessions aka Read with us, where children explore the variety of books in the library; intended to nurture a reading culture.
d. Public speaking sessions aka Once Upon Time to raise confident persons, excellent speakers.
e. Creative Writing Sessions aka Short Story Hours; to grow learners’ creativity through writing.
f. Guidance & Counseling Sessions with visiting counselors/psychologists.
g. Spiritual Formation and Catechism Classes

1. Mentorship

2. Coding

To equip and prepare our children for the digital-first world.

2. Coding

3. Chess 

To develop their cognitive and social skills.

3. Chess 1

4. Piano Classes

To nurture the love and passion of music.

4. Piano 1

5. Scrabble

To improve spelling, creativity, language and math skills, strategic thinking, and cognitive development.

13th Programs 4

6. Spelling Bee

We are raising word champions and language gurus, and boosting confidence.

SBee 20

7. Debate

Here we mentor great debaters and leaders!

1. Mentorship 3

8. Scouting

We develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership, and citizenship skills.


9. Dance

We develop self-expression and nurture talent.

13th Programs 5

10. Journalism

We are mentoring future journalists and change-makers.

Writing Mentorship 7

11. Keep Fit; Karate and Taekwondo

To improve total physical health, and well-being and learn self-defense.

13th Programs 6

12. Health, Science, and Mathematics

We intend to grow and nurture the strengths and passion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects.

13th Programs 12

13. Forestry

We are nurturing learners to actively engage in environmental restoration initiatives and climate actions that will help mitigate and adapt to climate change.

TreeplantingEquity 1

14. Visual Arts

We are not only providing an avenue for self-expression but also nurturing artists, craftspeople, and designers.

13th Programs 9

15. School Choir

We are mentoring musicians and even composers.

TMass 1

16. Skating

We are burning off extra energy, building strong muscles, and promoting good health.


17. Singing Games

We make learning a fun experience for our very youngest learners.

Singing games

18. Young Catholic Students (YCS) / Christian Union (CU) / Seventh Day Adventist

The freedom of worship is very alive at Moto Hope for we are here to not just educate but provide spiritual formation as well.

Ash Wed 1

19. Sports; athletics and all outdoor games

 We develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, and have fun, as well as teach students ethics, values, discipline, and a sense of mutual trust.

MMMFun 20

20. Arts, Drama, and Music
Our students actively participate in the Kenya Drama and Music Festivals. We have over the years progressed through the County levels and had the chance to perform at the National level. The Arts, Drama, and Music Clubs perform in events both within and without the school. We endeavor to realize, develop, and nurture the talents at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy.

grade3funday 39

21. The Moto Hope Alumni Club

We intend this for our alumni, graduates of Moto Hope Academy, to continue to mentor their younger brothers and sisters still at the Academy as well as form a community for themselves.


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