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News and Events

Closing Day 4Oh what joy it is, to come to the end of the first school term! We have had so many successes in and outside the classroom and couldn't be more proud of each one of our students, teachers, staff, and all stakeholders.

Interclass 1As we near the end of the term, we are all energy-packed in the spirit of finishing strong! What better way to utilize this energy than in games and sports?

Scouts 20We are walking into the Easter season as victorious as the season demands! Our scouts did a wondrous job at the recently concluded Sub County Competitions, held last week, 22nd March, in Kuresoi North!

Easter 2What absolute joy, delight, and gladness fill our hearts and souls this Easter! Our students were among the catechumens who were baptised by Rev. Fr. Paul Gitonga, and received First Holy Communion at today's Easter Holy Mass at St. Jude Catholic Church.

Compsci 8We live in a digital-first era, hence equipping all our learners with coding and computer science skills is our number one priority.

13th Programs 6Wednesday afternoons are arguably becoming favourite afternoons of the weekdays, for the students as they find their footing in clubs and programs that speak to their hearts and their talents, gifts, and interests.

Aft HalfT 10With the end of our mid-term break, we are back to school refreshed and re-energized for the homestretch of this school term!

T1HalftTBreak 6Our beautiful smiles are proudly sponsored by the long-awaited, duly deserved Mid-Term- Break that officially started yesterday, 27th Feb 2024, at the end of the school day!

Scrabble 6In the making of our little Scrabble Champions, we are daily proving that learning can be fun, exciting, and enjoyable!

Skating Demo 12Oh, the excitement that rent the air at Yesterday’s (21/2/2024) Skating Trials at the St. Francis Moto Hope Center & Academy was palpable!

Girl Talk 4Our children are daily growing, and with this growth, changes are taking place in their bodies and even minds.

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