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News and Events

23 Class 1We are so excited to share the wondrous news of our KCPE Class of 2023! The Class has done exceptionally well in the recently released National Examinations emerging best in the region! We are in full celebratory spirits and so proud of them! They posted a school mean score of 371.53, a positive deviation of 6.01, and an all-time high since inception!

23 Class CoverWe are very excited to report that Candidates in class eight and those in grade six have concluded their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) examinations.

GradRes8123rd October 2023 saw us witness the greatest display of pomp and color as our PP2 learners marked a significant milestone in the journey of their education!

3. Holy Mass 22Holy Mass last Sunday, the 22nd of October was absolutely wonderful!

2. Soccer 13There was no dull moment in the Free Medical Camp Week (17th-22nd October 2023) at the center!

1. Library 1The Academy's 2nd and 3rd Graders were beside themselves with delight to have Maggie, Hattie, and Hannah from the visiting medical team join them at the Library to read to them some of their favorite books!

MtshpDay01We had such a wondrous Mentorship Day this Wednesday 20th September at the Academy!

FieldPDay 7Having our parents/guardians at school means having a little taste of home during bonding time!

Prayer day C8G6 53Our long-awaited 2023 Candidates' Prayer Day was received with such joy and celebration on the Friday of 15th September 2023!

Lib 5The one thing we know for sure is that should we ever want to hide anything from a Moto Hope Academy student, we will definitely not hide it in a book!

T3 B T S 28We are thrilled to welcome our students and teachers back to school for the last term of Academic Year 2023!

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