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PublicSpeaking17It is wonderful to see even our youngest boarding school students win Public Speaking Competitions at the Academy as it happened this Sunday (13/11/2022) at our "Once Upon a Time" Public Speaking Competitions.

funday 5At Moto Hope Academy, we give the "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" adage the seriousness it deserves! Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

gbreakingjss 1What a joyous and memorable day the 25th of October 2022 will remain to be for Moto Hope! On this day, by God's grace, and the unity of purpose of all who have made it possible, we held the Groundbreaking ceremony for Moto Hope Junior Secondary!

DentHygn 20The third school term was received with much joy and anticipation as the children eagerly looked forward to the presence of visiting Molo Medical Mission Teams from the USA at the Academy.
The Paediatric Team held consultations for Academy children who were accompanied by their parents/ guardians, in the 12th-15th October Medical Camp.

2022t2closing 1We held such a beautiful Closing Day Ceremony on 14/9/2022 at the Academy as we came to the long-awaited end of the second school term of the Academic Year 2022!

readwithus 1At Moto Hope Academy, we nurture confident generations who put their best foot forward to be the best version of themselves! We nurture leaders!

matumainiCH 65On 10/9/2022, Our Grade 3's CBC Community Service project saw them visit Matumaini Children's Home & Rehabilitation Centre on the outskirts of Molo.

grade3funday 39On 9th September 2022, Our Grade 3 children entertained us at the Academy with their CBC Project. They showcased vibrant performances at the Fun Day whose Theme was "Moulding a Patriotic Citizen for Peaceful Co-existence."

septmass 32The spiritual formation of our children at Moto Hope is a top priority in our goal to educate and nurture the whole child.

KisumuTrip 1We regularly review our Educational Field Trips program to ensure that the experiences provide as much benefit as possible to all learners from an educational perspective as well as promote their personal growth.

jssselections 8It is always such a joy to have our dear parents visit the Academy. Today (31/8/2022) we hosted Grade 6 parents for the Grade 7 Junior Secondary Open Day at the Academy.

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