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moe"Dear Parent, We pray you're safe and strong despite Covid-19. We miss having your child back at school but support the Government of Kenya's decision. If we can be of any help to your child, kindly let us know. Let’s keep them engaged holistically. God has a reason for everything and we'll overcome!
God bless you!"- Fr. Francis kabiru (Founder and Patron).

Scoutscamp 38Our Moto Hope Scouts : Gorilla and Twiga Patrols enjoy an amazing training camp at the center from the 6th to 8th March 2020 with their patron Teacher Boniface, Teacher Mary and their trainers.

Prefects 2Our new student council leaders are besides themselves with joy at receiving lovely new sweaters and blazers that distinguish them from the rest of the learners!

teambuilding 8Our Mentorship Days are incomplete without the fun filled team building activities at the Center's Field Grounds.

mentt1talk 22THEME: THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING! Our learners had an amazing Mentorship Day on 29th February 2020 at the Center.

Feb 1All learning and out of class activities have officially kicked off at the Academy after the one week Mid Term Break and we wish all our learners and staff a very successful remaining half of the first school term 2020!

Term1midterm 28We officially broke for the First Term Mid-Term break on the 14th of February 2020 after the release of the Mid-Term Exams Results. We wish our learners and staff a great time with their families! St. Francis Moto Hope Academy; We Reach out, We Empower!

JanOUAT 10After reading story books in the school library, our learners at the Academy get to do something more interesting. They narrate to their colleagues the stories read, lessons learnt and even discuss through question and answer sessions, as they did in this weekend's (8/2/2020) Once Upon a Time Mentorship.

AGM 6We thank our dear Parents/Guardians for turning up in their numbers for this year's Annual Parents' Meeting and all their support and cooperation as we endeavor to provide holistic education to our learners.

Sports 13Our learners, teachers and non-teaching staff had a fun filled Sports Day on 29th January 2020 at the Center's Field grounds.

Elections 45Very peaceful, fair and free elections were held at the Academy on Monday 27/1/2020 to elect prefects for the positions that had been declared vacant at the beginning of the school year.

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