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News and Events

bts10The final academic term of the year 2018 is finally here with us.

mbs12The happy faces of pure joy that have marked the three days tour of our eighth graders are testament to the great time our children have had at the Coast of Kenya!

cd10Our children broke for the August School holiday after a very busy and engaging second term on 27/7/2018.

adopttree19On 21/7/2018 after our mentorship activities, Moto Hope Academy scouts, students from the neighboring Moto Primary School (who we had invited to our mentorship day) our visiting priests and the staff of Moto Hope took part in our tree planting activity dubbed Adopt a tree by planting a tree each.

julyment12Our students in grades 4,5,6,7,8 at Moto Hope Academy Molo, and the invited students from the neighboring Moto Primary School had a very educative and engaging Mentorship day on 21/7/2018 at the Academy. The guest speaker was Fr. Casmir Odundo a priest and Youth chaplain from the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, Kenya.

g8mass13Our children had the pleasant privilege of a school mass celebrated by four visiting friends of Moto Hope, from the USA on 20/7/2018 at the school's I.H.M Cross-Lake Multipurpose Hall. The mass celebrated by Fr. Ryan Moravitz (Duluth,Minnesota), was co-celebrated by Fr. Shane Deman (Sioux City, Iowa), Fr. Rob Lampitt (Peoria, Illinois) and Fr. Nick Dudo (Camden, New Jersey).

apa1Our teaching and non-teaching teams were among the Moto Hope Mission staff (St. Francis Moto Hope Academy and Center, Moto Hope Dispensary, Molo Waters and Moto Hope Micro-Lending) that had a pension plan training at the school on 14/7/2018.

JST 11Our upper school pupils (grades 5, 6 & 7) went to Nairobi, on their Academic trip on 29/6/2018.

mddpOur Boarding school children had a very engaging and insightful mentorship day on 30/6/2018 at the school's multi-purpose hall.

KG4Our little ones in Kindergarten have finally been incorporated into the "Once upon a time.."Mentorship program.

vd6The parents of our boarding school children had a chance to get in touch with their children's school life as well as spend the day with them on 23/6/2018.

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