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News and Events

JuneMass31Our pupils and staff at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy had their June Holy Mass on 27/5/2019 celebrated by Rev. Fr. Michael Muriuki of St. Mary's Parish, Molo.

anamanga01We are very proud of Moto Hope Scouts!

18Our class 6 & 7 pupils enjoy their trip to the Lakeside City of Kisumu on 14/6/2019, visiting the Beach, the Museum, the Snake Park and Impala Park.

d1Our children and teachers at Moto Hope Center and Academy had a fun and activity filled TEAM BUILDING Day on 8th June 2019 at the Academy .

6aMoto Hope scouts were one of only two schools from Molo, who took part in the County Scouts Competition held in Nakuru, from 30th May to 2nd June.

11Our boarding school pupils in classes 3,4,5 enjoy their "Read with us' mentorship session this Sunday afternoon 26/5/2019.

45Nrb Tour15Our pupils in class 4 and 5 went on their Academic tour on 24/5/2019.

33Our staff and pupils at the center had a very beautiful and solemn Holy Mass on 23rd May 2019.

4bOur KCPE Class of 2019 enjoy their "Short Story Hours"

motohope18Do not miss out on the last interview day for second term (May 2019 ) intake!

rus7Welcome to our Term 2 2019 Interviews for pupils in classes 1-6.

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